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On demand Pilates FAQs

How does LB Pilates On Demand Work?

LB Pilates is a subscription programme with 1, 3, 6 and 12 month membership options allowing you to work out with me any day, anywhere and at any time! I have put together programmes and calendars that will make you feel stronger both physically and mentally and will transform you into the best version of yourself. Once subscribed you will be automatically charged to your chosen method of payment on the monthly anniversary of your sign up.

After your subscription period has passed, you can cancel at any time through your account, otherwise you will continue on a month to month basis until you decide to cancel.

Is there a minimum subscription time for LB Pilates On Demand?

The minimum subscription time for LB Pilates On Demand is one month and once your subscription term ends your membership rolls over to a month to month commitment. You can sign up to 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and cancel any time after that. I also offer a partial refund if you request to cancel within 48 hours of signing up.

How do I pause my subscription?

LB Pilates allows subscribers to take a pause from their subscriptions, where you can choose how long you pause your subscription for in week long blocks. To pause login to your account and then select the head icon in the main navigation bar and then choose ‘Manage Subscriptions’. Select the number of weeks you would like to pause for and press confirm.

How do I cancel my subscription?

After your sign up period has passed, you can pause or cancel your subscription via the Manage Subscriptions option in your account. If you do not cancel your subscription, you will continue to be automatically charged each month until you choose to cancel. To cancel login to your account and then select the head icon in the main navigation bar and then choose ‘Manage Subscriptions’. Select Cancel subscription to end your current subscription.

I am having trouble logging in - what should I do?

Make sure that you are using the exact same email address and double check your spelling to ensure no mistakes.


  • If you have forgotten your password please use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page.
  • If that doesn’t work, try relaunching your browser.
  • If that doesn’t work, please contact my page to troubleshoot further.

How many workouts are in a programme?

There are currently many different programmes which you can access, all of which contain multiple videos. Each programme focuses on different parts of the body and different goals giving you a great range of options in order to improve all aspects of the your body and mind.

How long are the sessions?

The workouts vary in length from 10 minutes to 50 minutes, the challenges will guide you on the best combination of workouts to complete each day.

Is LB Pilates On Demand suitable if I am pregnant?

If you are fit and healthy and have been given approval from your doctor to exercise, then we are happy for you to follow our prenatal workouts. As always, listen to your body during this special time and be careful not to over-exert yourself when exercising. If you need any more advice, then please let me or your doctor know.

Is LB Pilates On Demand suitable if I have just had a baby?

If you have been cleared by your medical practitioner to re-commence exercise, then Pilates is a fantastic for building your strength and toning your body. Please be aware that you may not have the strength to make it through the entire workouts yet but with time you will build your strength. If you feel any strain in your lower back or groin area throughout these exercises please take a rest. Listen to your body and be kind to it throughout your post natal exercise journey.

Do I need equipment to complete the LB Pilates On Demand workouts?

Some of my workouts require no equipment, however a lot do so I recommend purchasing some Pilates equipment before beginning classes.

My classes incorporate the following equipment, though subscribers of course do not have to purchase all:

  • A Pilates matt
  • A Swiss Ball
  • A Pilates ring
  • Loop resistance bands
  • A small soft Pilates ball

In Studio and general Pilates faqs

Do I need an initial consultation?

Yes, I like to start my client’s journey with an initial consultation at my studio in Clapham. This will allow me to get to know you and your body in order to build a program that works best for you. We’ll also go through your medical history, any concerns or injuries and assess your overall strength and flexibility.

What makes LB Pilates studio unique?

LB Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio focused on not only improving your body but also your mind. My sessions are based completely on your needs, goals and body type and together we will work to transform your body into a better stronger version so that you can reach your full potential and live a happy fulfilled life!

Is Pilates safe during pregnancy?

Yes! Pilates is safe during pregnancy and will help you maintain your strength and posture throughout the changing months of your pregnancy journey. The sessions can be adapted depending on what feels best for your body and can also help you to regain your strength and posture quickly after giving birth.

How soon after giving birth can I start Pilates?

I encourage clients to gain full approval from their health practitioner or obstetrician before re-commencing exercise post pregnancy. This usually happens around six-weeks post birth, however what is key is that you feel ready and listen to what your body is telling you.

If I have an injury, can I do Pilates?

As I tailor my sessions around each client, as long as you can walk around I can create sessions catered for your needs.

How many times a week should I do Pilates?

In order to feel and see a change, I recommend doing Pilates at least twice a week. I believe it takes between 5-10 sessions for a beginner to get into the initial swing of Pilates however once you gain the important connection between your body and mind, you will quickly see results!

How old do you have to be to start Pilates?

At LB Pilates we see age as just a number and welcome clients of any age to the studio. At all ages it is important to regularly exercise and we think Pilates has so many benefits for both children and those more senior.

Will I lose weight in Pilates?

Pilates is not a High Intensity workout, but it is designed to sculpt and produce long and lean muscles. This in combination with a balanced diet will contribute to a noticeable change in the body shape.

How often should I do Pilates?

Movement is medicine and I highly recommend trying to do 15-20 minutes of Pilates everyday with 2 longer sessions in the week. It does take 5-10 sessions for a beginner to get into the swing of Pilates and understanding the principles but once the mind and body connection happens you should start to see results very quickly.

Does Pilates help with flexibility?

Pilates can be more effective for some people. Rather than utilising static stretches, Pilates focuses on movements while stretching. This means the muscles are warm when you stretch, allowing you to stretch further with less pain. The Pilates stretching technique will elongate and detoxify your muscles and the more flexible you become the less muscle tension you will endure, and your blood circulation will be improved.