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Pilates on demand

By Louise Buttler

Why on demand?

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, fitness level, posture type or ability you are, I have programmes which will change your life for the better. They are easy on your joints and focus on functional movements to condition, realign and heal your body and build deep full-body strength.

Every session will challenge you, connect mind and body, and make you smile. Pilates is for everyone and is fun to do at home with your partner, kids, friends, even your dog!

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Specialised Pre and Postnatal Programmes

Beginner to advance, programmes to suit everyone  


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Lou’s unique and clear teaching style will ensure you are in the correct position to create long, lean and balanced bodies.

Suitable for Everyone

  • Pre and Postnatal Calendars
  • Athlete Calendars
  • Posture Calendars
  • Rehabilitation Calendars
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Calendars


  • Absolutely LOVE your Pilates sessions and will be a forever-subscriber for as long as we are blessed to have you doing them!!! At 54 years of age, this has been my best ever daily exercise for my body and I look forward to it so much. Louise you really are the best teacher ever, I’ve learnt so much and am more aware of my posture both during and after exercise

  • When the gym closed due to Covid, I didn’t feel motivated by any of the online classes people recommended until a friend told me about your class.  As soon as I started it, I loved it

  • I absolutely love feeling the burn, especially in the bum and inner thighs. I can’t thank you enough for continuing to do your online classes as you really have helped me during this tricky time – you’ve not only transformed my body into a toned lean machine during lockdown (I’ve now got definition in places I never had) but have helped calm my mind and improve my overall focus

  • I’ve been doing your prenatal Pilates throughout my whole pregnancy and have absolutely loved it! Some of the stretching moves actually helped in early labour

  • Your knowledge, directions and explanations are all fantastic and I know I am benefiting from the classes in every way. Please please don’t stop them

  • You’ve converted me to Pilates, I absolutely love it and have been telling everyone to sign up and they all love it too. You’re honestly keeping so many people going and it’s so needed right now. I’ll also be very happy to have a peachy bum in time for Xmas

  • My husband, mum and I have done your classes since March and all of us feel so much fitter. Discovering Pilates through you really has been one of the highlights on this year!

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