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    1. rikamcan1021457

      hiya, on a post in early december she recommended 1kg weights, and they’re available from like, decathlon and argos i think, not sure if louise will have a specific recommendation tho !! hope this helps ?? x

  1. beverleycaparra1183763

    I have totally fallen in love with Pilates. I look forward to these classes every day. I am loving the new format and the angle of the camera. .Ankle Weights are a game changer too but I feel so much stronger after doing your class since last March. Longest I have ever stuck to an exercise regime . Thank you Louise Butler for being an amazing teacher.

  2. irismlovell762802

    Great class – really pushes me but feel so good afterwards. You are truly amazing at what you do Lou and the way you can change things up. Total Pilates convert👊🔥

  3. lisabailey89568438

    Great session followed by a cheeky ab blast! I couldn’t see how to add the ab blast as a favourite – is it because it’s not the new style recording or just me missing something?!

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